Marketing Performance Manager

Marketing Strategy

Indianapolis, IN

Reports To: VP, Strategy

Date: March 22, 2018

About Valve+Meter

Valve+Meter is a full service performance marketing agency. One of our core values is delivering real, tangible
results to grow our client’s business.

Our team was specifically designed to deliver cross vertical expertise from Brand Management to Web Design,
Social Assets to Direct Mail and Call Center strategies. We have experts in each of these fields to grow
businesses at a rate designed in partnership with clients’ financial performance.

In Valve+Meter, our clients gain an outsourced CMO with the muscle and experience of over twenty experts.
Our team has decades of combined experience in delivering cost per acquisition marketing strategies. We
believe performance equals measurable results and clients’ marketing is no different.

Company Fit

LOVE: Loving people is our business. We thrive when others are genuinely living to their
fullest potential.

SERVE: In serving, we are a partner. We provide solutions to help others succeed.

TRANSFORM: Transformation requires us to be continuous learners that accelerate personal,
professional and partner growth.

Job Summary

The Marketing Performance Manager is responsible for ensuring successful client performance,
both internally and externally. The MPM proactively leads day-to- day client relationships and works to achieve
all targets identified in client statements of work. The MPM role ensures organizational alignment toward
exceeding projected performance requirements as well as anticipating and addressing any potential risks.

Job Responsibilities

1. Provide day-to- day leadership to assigned book of business

2. Manage client results and ensure organizational alignment in each of the strategies that are being

3. Facilitate client meetings including preparing agendas, working through critical challenges,
identifying new value added opportunities and performance evaluations

4. Plan, organize and facilitate internal client needs and requests

5. Identify trends in marketing performance and escalate concerns or opportunities internally

6. Represent company core values in each client interaction

Competencies Required

1. Customer Focused: Dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and
external customers.

  • Gets first-hand customer information and uses it for improvements in products and
  • Acts with customers in mind
  • Establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers and gains their trust
    and respect

2. Planning & Business Alignment: Accurately scopes length and difficulty of tasks and projects by
setting goals and breaking down work into process steps; anticipates risks and resolves difficult,
complicated or sensitive challenges both internally and with customers to reach compromise

  • Develops schedules and task/resource assignments and anticipates and adjusts for
    problems and roadblocks
  • Establishes how to manage resources and directs the implementation of client initiatives
    with the rest of the support team
  • Measures performance against goals and evaluates results

3. Communication & Facilitation: Effectively conveys ideas and data both orally and in writing.
Relays information and data in a manner and using language best suited for the listener
or audience

  • Presents information clearly in both formal presentation settings as well as in small
    groups or one-on- one both inside and outside the organization
  • Commands attention yet is easy to approach, listens and puts others at ease

4. Perseverance: Pursues all work with energy and drive.

  • Does not give up before finishing tasks and projects
  • Continues to work toward goals even when faced with resistance or setbacks
  • Maintains self-managing drive toward achieving goals and customer satisfaction

Outcomes/Measures of Success

1. Client growth beyond MPA and selling value added supplemental services
2. Client renewals as established for individual goal
3. Client satisfaction based on positive reviews, positive NPS score results and testimonials
4. Achieve all targets in client Statements of Work, including return on ad spin, cost per
lead and cost per acquisition

Education/Knowledge/Skills Requirements

● Prior experience in customer facing role is required
● Experience presenting to small and large groups desired
● Marketing experience considered
● Proven experience delivering results
● Project management experience preferred but not required
● Knowledge of Google Suite, Asana, Workflow Management Systems desired but not

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