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Business Systems

Indianapolis, IN

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Jake Barnes, Business Systems

Date: March 22, 2018

About Valve+Meter

Valve+Meter is a full service performance marketing agency. One of our core values is delivering real, tangible
results to grow our client’s business.

Our team was specifically designed to deliver cross vertical expertise from Brand Management to Web Design,
Social Assets to Direct Mail and Call Center strategies. We have experts in each of these fields to grow
businesses at a rate designed in partnership with clients’ financial performance.

In Valve+Meter, our clients gain an outsourced CMO with the muscle and experience of over twenty experts.
Our team has decades of combined experience in delivering cost per acquisition marketing strategies. We
believe performance equals measurable results and clients’ marketing is no different.

Company Fit

LOVE: Loving people is our business. We thrive when others are genuinely living to their
fullest potential.

SERVE: In serving, we are a partner. We provide solutions to help others succeed.

TRANSFORM: Transformation requires us to be continuous learners that accelerate personal,
professional and partner growth.

Job Summary

The Business Systems Analyst is accountable and responsible for getting to know new systems
and helping others learn how to use them. Attention to detail is important, particularly when dealing with
automations where small changes make a huge impact. Understanding visual workflows and building systems
from them is also important to the role.

Job Responsibilities

1. Work collaboratively within all areas of the company to troubleshoot, anticipate and address
systems needs

2. Own and manage the IT support function

3. Develop systems for support tickets

4. Manage technology/systems projects, as assigned

5. Help company understand and apply use software and systems

6. Work with team members as they learn new systems technology

Competencies Required

1. Communication/Collaboration (oral and written): Manage information flow among end-users
in all business units; train on new technologies and address and overcome issues as they arise.

  • Ensure that others involved in a project or initiative are kept informed about
    important information, developments, plans and deadlines
  • Convey information about new technology tools in a way the end-user will
    understand and be able to apply (both oral and written)
  • Use appropriate means of communication (e.g., emails, calls, meetings,)

2. Detail-Oriented: Pursue quality in accomplishing tasks and managing projects by performing
tasks thoroughly and carefully with few errors.

  • Check work to ensure accuracy and completeness
  • Compare finished work to what is expected and address inconsistencies
  • Identify and address details that are easy to overlook or seem insignificant

3. Project Management: Manage a number of various projects and tasks, as well as identify room
for growth or opportunity.

  • Do what is needed, even if what is asked is not directly in their job description.
  • Analyze workflow documents and plans, and manage tasks based on data
  • Learn other areas of the business, to ensure all functional areas are served

Outcomes/Measures of Success

1. Company end-user high level of comfort with systems and technology
2. Complex systems are simplified
3. Key performance indicators have been met or exceeded

Education/Knowledge/Skills Requirements

● Experience or degree in a technology related field preferred
● Tech support experience preferred
● Experience in systems administration or process documentation a plus

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