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Indianapolis, Indiana
Tampa, Florida
Nashville, Tennessee
North Carolina

Reports To: 

Operations Manager

Date:  March 2018

About Renovia

Renovia is in the commercial construction industry specializing in coatings and repairs and providing an award-winning customer experience.

Our passion lies in building relationships with customers to solve their problems. All projects begin with a foundation of respect and trust, which we embrace as an opportunity to prove our reliability and expertise. Success is measured in our ability to consistently deliver timely, professional, quality work that allows us to continue strengthening these relationships.

At Renovia, our painting expertise is the framework of our business, yet our goals are greater. Our purpose is to be a light by improving and providing a lasting, positive impact in the communities we serve. 

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Company Fit   

Humble:  Share credit, emphasize team over self and define success collectively rather than Individually.

Hungry:  Always looking for more.  More things to do.  More to learn.  More responsibility.  Hungry people never have to be pushed to work harder because they are self-motivated and diligent.

People Smart:  Common sensical about people, appropriate and aware of what is happening in a group situation and how to deal with others in the most effective way.  People Smart people ask great questions, listen to what others are saying and stay engaged in conversations intently. 

Job Summary  

The Assistant Project Manager (APM) is responsible for helping leaders organize and
direct mid to high complexity customer painting projects as well as their own less complex projects
from the point of handoff through completion. The APM helps ensure projects are completed on
time, within budget and with high customer satisfaction. The APM works with internal business units
such as Sales and Estimating as well as with the customer, vendors, contractors, and other external
stakeholders. This role assumes a gradual increase in responsibility and project complexity over time
as proficiency in the role progresses.

Job Responsibilities

1. Participate in pre-construction call with leader to determine customer expectations
and forecast project timelines, costs and resource needs
2. Assist in setting project budget and negotiate costs throughout the project
3. Identify resources and write sub contracts for cost allotments and scope
4. Approve/release contractor payments, as approved by leader
5. Help leader build project schedule that aligns with customer and subcontractor
6. Help leader organize and plan all labor and materials for projects
7. Determine subcontractor scheduling based on job size, availability and site access
8. Recruit resources and contractors as needed and train on project basics at project
9. Deliver Key Performance Indicator (KPI) outcomes that are aligned with the budget
10. Visit customer sites at the start of projects and through project duration to check
progress, quality, safety and resolve conflicts including frequent travel outside of
home-base city
11. Interface with customers and maintain continual communication throughout project
12. Collaborate with PMs, Sales Managers and Estimators throughout a project
13. Float between projects when shifts in project workloads require
14. Document communications with customers, vendors, contractors, etc.
15. Participate in company huddle, and individual and team meetings with leaders

Competencies/Skills Required

1. Communication (oral and written): Manage information flow and relationships between
customers and between other business units; encourage and seek feedback, and be able
to address and overcome issues as they arise.

2. Adaptability: Be flexible with changing customer and project needs, site and weather
conditions, and work responsibilities.

3. Detail Oriented: Pursue quality in accomplishing tasks and managing projects by
performing tasks thoroughly and carefully with few errors.

4. Decision Making & Judgment: Make timely, informed decisions that take into account
facts, goals, constraints, and risks.

5. Time/Self-Management: Manage and prioritize own schedule and coordinate with
customers and other resources to achieve goals and successful project completion.

6. Collaboration and Teamwork: Establish a working relationship with project PM and other
project stakeholders such as vendors, contractors, property managers and internal team

7. Customer Focused: Build and maintain customer relationships to achieve satisfaction
throughout the project.

Outcomes/Measures of Success

1. Achieve project gross margins at or above estimates

2. Meet Key Performance Indicators for gross margin, recruiting and scheduling

3. Collaborate with PMs, Estimators and Sales to achieve project timeline and completion goals

4. Achieve exemplary customer satisfaction survey response

Education/Knowledge/Skills Requirements

  • Previous experience in the paint or construction industries
  • Knowledge of web-based project management platforms
  • Proficient in Excel or Microsoft Suite
  • Must be willing to relocate after initial training and onboarding period is completed (12-24
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