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Pre-Construction Manager

Date: March, 2018

About Renovia
Renovia is in the commercial construction industry specializing in coatings and repairs and providing
award-winning customer experience
Our passion lies in building relationships with customers to solve their problems. All projects begin
with a foundation of respect and trust, which we embrace as an opportunity to prove our reliability
and expertise. Success is measured in our ability to consistently deliver timely, professional, quality
work that allows us to continue strengthening these relationships.
At Renovia, our painting expertise is the framework of our business, yet our goals are greater. Our
purpose is to be a light by improving and providing a lasting, positive impact in the communities we
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Company Fit
Humble: Share credit, emphasize team over self and define success collectively rather than
Hungry: Always looking for more. More things to do. More to learn. More responsibility.
Hungry people never have to be pushed to work harder because they are self-motivated
and diligent.
People Smart: Common sensical about people, appropriate and aware of what is happening in a
group situation and how to deal with others in the most effective way. People Smart
people ask great questions, listen to what others are saying and stay engaged in
conversations intently.

Job Summary

The Estimator is responsible and accountable for acquiring all details and
specifications for a project such as measurements, structural considerations, materials, labor and
equipment needs, and then determining costs for each. The Estimator visits project sites to gather
data, researches costs and ensures the project details are accurately submitted on time. This role
primarily interfaces with internal customers such as Sales and Estimating.

Job Responsibilities

1. Monitor opportunities submitted by sales in Salesforce to identify which have open
2. Work with the Estimating team to determine who will take a project, depending on
the estimated date to completion, project location and Estimator availability
3. Review the Scope of Work in SalesForce, that was provided by the customer
4. Use Google Earth to analyze the overall project layout and to identify potential access
issues to be aware of while on site
5. Review the different pricing options that the customer has requested, to assist in
proper take-off
6. Visit project sites to perform take-offs (measurements)
7. Take photos at project sites and edit photos in PhotoFiltre
8. Review pricing options to determine total labor costs, total material costs and
equipment costs
9. Complete spread sheets for each project
10. Write proposals to include pricing options determined from spread sheets
11. Input detailed and accurate information in Salesforce pertaining to project costs
and specifications
12. Deliver Key Performance Indicator (KPI) outcomes related to data accuracy and
efficiency (days in estimating), revenue and gross margin
13. Communicate and collaborate with internal customers such as Sales Managers,
Project Managers, senior leaders, etc. as needed through the project cycle
14. Balance frequent travel and time in the field requirements, with time needed to
complete detailed data input and complete proposals
15. Participate in weekly company huddle and team meetings

Competencies/Skills Required
1. Attention to Detail: Pursue quality in obtaining specifics needed for projects by
performing tasks thoroughly and carefully with few errors.
2. Research and Data Collection: Identify, collect, and organize data for analysis and
decision-making related to pricing, costs and gross margins for projects.
3. Communication: (oral and written): Ensure information flow between internal customers
such as Sales Managers and Project Managers is timely, thorough and accurate.
4. Time/Self-Management: Manage and prioritize own schedule and coordinate with other
resources and team members to achieve goals and successful project completion.
 See potential challenges and opportunities, and adjust plans based on input
 Monitor and evaluate external variables that affect plans and prepare
strategies to deal with problems or drastic changes

5. Collaboration and Teamwork: Establish a working relationship with project stakeholders
such as Sales Managers, Project Managers, and support resources.

Outcomes/Measures of Success
1. Achieve project gross margins at or above estimates
2. Meet Key Performance Indicators for labor, material and equipment costs
3. Collaborate with Sales and Project Managers to achieve project timelines and cost goals
4. Complete data, measurements, materials specs with complete accuracy


  • Previous experience in the paint or construction industries
  • Experience with Salesforce a plus
  • Experience with Excel or Microsoft Suite preferred
  • Local and regional travel
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