National Director of Sales –

Department: Sales


Indianapolis, IN – Willing to
potentially relocate within 18-
24 months

Reports To: VP, Sales

Date: March 8, 2018

About Renovia

Renovia is in the commercial construction industry specializing in coatings and repairs. Renovia’s
serve first mentality provides long lasting customer partnerships.
Our passion lies in building relationships with customers to solve their problems. All projects begin
with a foundation of respect and trust, which we embrace as an opportunity to prove our reliability
and expertise. Success is measured in our ability to consistently deliver timely, professional, quality
work that allows us to continue strengthening these relationships.
At Renovia, our painting expertise is the framework of our business, yet our goals are greater. Our
purpose is to be a light by improving and providing a lasting, positive impact in the communities we
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Company Fit

Humble: Share credit, emphasize team over self and define success collectively rather than

Hungry: Always looking for more. More things to do. More to learn. More responsibility.
Hungry people never have to be pushed to work harder because they are self-motivated
and diligent.

People Smart: Common sensical about people, appropriate and aware of what is happening in a
group situation and how to deal with others in the most effective way. People Smart
people ask great questions, listen to what others are saying and stay engaged in
conversations intently.

Job Summary

The National Director of Sales (NDS), Hospitality, is responsible and accountable for
developing strategic partnerships and alliances to increase sales and national brand awareness in the
Hospitality market segment. The NDS prospects, evaluates, acquires and grows business
opportunities while collaborating with and integrating other business units such as Estimating and
Operations into the sales process. The NDS plays an important role in supporting Renovia’s purpose
to be a light in the community and around the world through continuous improvement, serving
others and uncompromising integrity.

Job Responsibilities

1. Prospect all aspects of the hospitality industry ranging from hotel, motel and resort style

2. Navigate complex projects with a strong capacity for independently managing and
organizing self and workforce resources

3. Manage the collaboration and information flow throughout the sales cycle

4. Forecast and analyze market and economic trends within the client base

5. Deliver KPI outcomes that are aligned with the sales budget

6. Interface and communicate with a variety of project stakeholders while managing unique
interests and goals for all parties involved

7. Travel to project sites outside of Indianapolis (40-50% of time)

8. Develop bid presentations after gathering data and collaborating with Estimators, Project
Managers and other resources

9. Update sales and budget metrics within Salesforce and Clari

10. Identify, prepare and implement additional standard operating procedures, as needed

11. Participate in weekly company huddle and sales meetings

Competencies Required

1. Achievement Orientation

  • Possesses tenacity and creativity to identify, prospect and cultivate new
    customers on a national level
  • Sets ambitious sales goals and measures success in comparison to those personal
    and company goals
  • Identifies what drives customer decision making and uses qualifying and probing
    questions that help close sales

2. Strategic orientation

  • Thinks long-term and beyond own market segment and adapts to changing
    project and organizational goals and priorities
  • Sees the organization’s larger context and aligns goals to contribute to it
  • Integrates market segment information into an action plan that aligns with
    organizational mission and goals

3. Analysis and Reasoning

  • Pirortizes and anticipates impacts and risks of decisions and actions
  • Examines and assesses the complexity of the industry and assigned market
  • Foresees and addresses potential issues early in the project and life cycle

4. Business Acumen

  • Exhibits fiscal judgement in managing high profile, high dollar projects
  • Comprehends manuals and project scopes, identifies potential pitfalls and
    articulates those to the team
  • Anticipates impacts and risks of decisions and actions and how they impact the
    bottom line

Outcomes/Measures of Success

1. Increase sales by 20% per year with a margin threshold that meets Renovia
sales goals

2. Meet KPIs outlined in individual sales budget

3. Complete Activity reports to achieve quarterly bonus

Education/Knowledge/Skills Requirements

  • Bachelor’s or advanced degree preferred
  • Previous experience with proven success in at least one or two sales roles
  • Knowledge of Salesforce preferred
  • Proficient in Microsoft Suite
  • Willingness to relocate within 18-24 months
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